How to register

To register your ECTs and their Mentors for the Teach West London UCL Full Induction Programme, you will need to:

  • Complete this online form, giving confirmation that you wish your school to work with Teach West London and follow the UCL Full Induction Programme (FIP)
  • Register your ECTs and Mentors on the Department for Education portal here.
    Your Head Teacher or Induction Lead will have been provided access to the online portal by the DfE. 
    Please note: Head teachers and the nominated Induction Lead for your school should have a login to the DfE portal. If you do not have access, please email the DfE on: [email protected] providing your school name and URN to request a login.


The ECF is not an assessment tool and does not replace a school’s chosen Appropriate Body assessment process. Click here to find out more about the Teach West London Appropriate Body Service.