Join us for a 2 hour training and networking session which will support you to successfully Lead Induction in your school (for Induction Leads, Induction Tutors or Headteachers).

The session is not a repeat of previous training (although there will be overlap) and will include:

  • Further information regarding providing a high quality ECF based training programme and mentor training, including presentations from Induction Tutors and experienced mentors
  • How to effectively set termly objectives for ECTs
  • Reviewing examples of assessment forms and feedback from end of term 2 QA of progress reviews
  • Reflections on 'term 2 with your ECTs'
  • Issues relating to statutory guidance which is relevant to term 3 of induction
  • Supporting ECTs who are struggling, using term 1 and 2 examples and scenarios
  • Key reminders relating to understanding statutory entitlements for ECTs during Induction


-Activities will include opportunities for networking and sharing of best practice between schools.

-Questions can be submitted in advance

-FAQs will be produced following the session and FAQs and session slides will be made available on ECT Manager.

Please note: This training session is open to schools who are registered with the Teach West London Appropriate Body only. 

Please click on the link below to book. 

We look forward to welcoming you!